Company History

El Trigal is the well established brand which people link to biscuits in Uruguay, since ist foundation in 1948, by Don Luis Lagorio. This name brings to mind the permanent harmony between nature and man`s efforts to improve his way of life.

El Trigal S.A. has devoted all its resources to the manufacturing of high quality biscuits and has consequently gone through the wonderful experience of being a company wich enjoys a well established prestige. It is a leader in the Uruguayan marketplace and it is achieving an ever increasing international acceptance.

El Trigal`s history is a story of hard work, capable management, responsibility and creativity which involves almost half a century of persistent endeavours. Dedication and effort have been a constant feature of our activity, without interruption and also without undue haste, because the manufacturing of food products demands love and care.

We hace tried to bring together the past, the present and the future, because between the simple home recipe and modern biscuit manufacturing technology there is perfect continuity.

Manufacturing and packaging techniques adjust to strict quality control specifications which allow us to reach the consumer offering him the best assurance of full satisfaction. Our distribution network covers the whole country every day, which implies that our products arrive in perfect condition.

Our presence in such competitive markets such as Brazil, Paraguay, Estados Unidos, enables us ti foresee our not too distant penetration of other markets farther away.

The leadership of our organization in many of its products, has been the result set of its people and the modern equipment with which our company extensive facilities.

Our objective and the challenge before us will be ti continue serving our society which invites us and also expects from us an unfaltering contribution to the common good as food product manufacturers.